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        What is “JINGDONG BAO” ?

        2020-07-07 11:28:05 jingdhgadmin 14


        The new halogen-free flame retardant "Jingdong Bao" is specially developed for polyolefin and polyolefin elastomer. It has good compatibility with polyolefin, nearly no influences to mechanical properties of the base resin. In extrusion process it shows good processing and thermal stability; With "Jingdong Bao", plastic products, electric cables etc. can easily achieve UL94-V0 and VW-1 requirements; It does not contain halogen and ammonium polyphosphate components, so during combustion it does not release toxic and corrosive gas or smoke. During process, it generates little corrosion to mold, it does not add viscosity to cooling water, and it can award a low density to final flame  retardant products when necessary. "Jingdong Bao" is applicable to PE, TPE, XLPE, TPV, PVC wire and cable which need full compliance with PoHS and other environmental requirements.

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